Chocolate Wine

This card handcrafted by Mary Lynn.

Chocolate Wine:

A friend was having a Birthday and it was one of those “NO GIFTS

PLEASE” things where you really hate to go empty handed. We had

recently tried some fun stuff called “ChocoVine” so I

thought we’d take a bottle of that because it would be something

fun for them to try. I’d recently purchased that fun set of

stamps, again from Stampin’ Up called “Eat Chocolate”.

It’s got some really funny sayings in it but I used the one that

said “All you need in life is a friend who has chocolate….I’m

that friend.” Then I attached it to the bottle of

with a big gorgeous pink bow!! Inside I just did a real fancy

die cut Happy Birthday layered. It was fun to take.

By the way, the ChocoVine has a licorice or anise taste to it.

If you wanted to add to it, you could take some of those darling

cordial glasses that are so popular right now. They have cute

ones at Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond.

They are adorable and then everyone could have a taste.

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Mary Lynn

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