Tips & Hints


Hi Everyone,

The more I stamp the more I love it. I'm from sunny Arizona. This summer I was able to get out of the heat and spend some time up in cool country. Fortunately that meant I had more time to play with all my fun craft toys. I must say I've had a ball. I can't get over how much I've learned too. As I learn I'd like to share the tips learned with you. I've been stamping for years but I learn new things every single day! It's so exciting and so much fun. New wonderful products are always coming out that I fall in love with. I know, we all say that famous line "I'm not buying anymore!" but how can we resist the neat things that come out??? They are just too fun!! Here are a few of the products I've gotten that I've been using and why I like them.

One of my latest MUST HAVES is the new Fiskar cutter. You're probably saying...I have a ton of cutters, that's the last thing I need. Well you only need this one if you want to cut straight EVERY SINGLE TIME. It's the Fiskar Sure Cut 01-005249- 12in. (It does come in bigger and smaller sizes but I like the 12 inch). I can't even tell you how happy I have been with this cutter. Before this I could not cut straight. Maybe you don't have this problem but I sure did.

I just want you to know I'm not telling about these products to sell them... I'm just telling about products I've bought that I've really liked or disliked for one reason or another.

We crafters have to take care of one another.


I have the Cricut and the Cricut Expression. I bought the Cricut...I liked it so much I wanted the bigger one. So I ended up taking the smaller one up north and I use the heck out of it up there. Some of the advantages to the Expression (if you are thinking about buying one) are that it shows you what you are going to cut before you cut it which really does save on goofs and therefore paper. It also has a feature (multi cut) where you can cut over the same project more then once so everything is cut nice and clean which I use all the time, and of course you can cut bigger things. The more cartridges I buy the more I like it.

I have to tell you about something I just found at Michaels I just LOVE. I found some books of tips for the Cricit by Annies Attic (see the amazon add below)that take you step by step into making cards and scrapbook pages. They are so fun and give you so many cool ideas. For people like me who use my cricut but could do so much more with it, they are perfect!!! I love them!!!

Both are full of ideas and I bought them both. One is "Card Making with Cricut" and the other is "Scrapbooking with Cricut." It takes minutes to make a card from them and seriously my head is exploding with ideas now for other things. Also check out the new Martha Stewart Cake Cartridges. Believe me they are not just for cake!! Awesome borders you will love. My first one just cool. I'm hoping the price will go down! I have my eye on another one.

This card handcrafted by Mary Lynn