Make a card from Altoid tins.

Handcrafted by Mary Lynn.

Tins from Altoid's (the little cans breath fresheners come in) were used to make these creative gifts. Once the containers were covered I filled them with peanut M&M's for Valentines Day.

I simply cut a template for the paper size needed to cover the can and then glue the paper to the container with Scotch quick-dry adhesive glue or another strong glue. Once the glue is dried, to make sure the edges look even, sand them and give them a smoother look.

Stamp your design to decorate your can (I used a small vase of hearts) in black ink on white card stock and colored it with markers to match the background paper.

When finished coloring cut the white paper into a rectangle and lay a nice contrasting paper behind it... in this case I backed it in red. It's always fun to add stickles, the wonderful glitter glue to any project to make it sparkle.

Then attach it to the can on top of your printed background paper you can pop it up if you like. You can even line the inside of your can to make it look nice if you'd like and add a tied ribbon.

Add embellishment like buttons, jewels, etc. and make sure the bottom of the can looks nice too.

You can use these cans for so many different things.

Once I used the page pebbles and put a Christmas ornament under each one. I added a magnet to the back and put six magnets in each tin and decorated the outside with a Christmas theme. You could do this for each holiday. They are so cute. I made one for my Grandson's birthday and made a fold out card and then at the bottom was a birthday music button to press that played Happy Birthday. The ideas are absolutely endless.

My brother and his girlfriend use Altoids all the time and for y birthday he sends me a big box of empty tins and I just "love" it. It's fun to get them and it always makes me laugh that does that for me!

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Mary Lynn

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