Thank_You Sayings

This card handcrafted by Mary Lynn.

Please and Thank_You are the magic words not heard enough of anymore. Here are some great sayings to express your gratitude.

This card handcrafted by Mary Lynn.


Thank You! (inside) for being my friend.

Thank You! (inside) from all of u

How beautiful a day can be while kindness touches it...Thank you

Thanks for being such a Tweetie (use with bird cards)

Not all angels have wings...Thank you

This isn't a Thank You note...It's a hug with a fold in it.

The little things mean so much Thanks for all the little things you do You made my day You're so Sweet

Thank you for your gift of love.

Thanks a bunch.

With Sincere Appreciation. I wish there are more people like you.

I can never thank you enough...but I will try. Thanks a million.

I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you my heart has no


One thank you for the gift, and another for the thought. A dozen thank yous couldn't tell you all the happiness they brought.

Thank You! (inside) for being in my life

Thank You! (inside) Your KindnessMEANS THE WORLD TO ME

Thanks! (inside) A Bushel

Thank you! (inside) for reminding me how precious life is.

Thanks for all your support

Thanks Thanks Thanks (inside) Thanks a bunch

Thank You!

Hey, Thanks

Thanks for the hospitality

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Mary Lynn

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