Stamping Verses

Stamping and crafting verses:

The Cardmaking Verse

It all began with just one card And just one pad too Of course, things couldn't stay that way And shortly, I had two.

This was quickly followed By more cards (three and four) The craving had now started I wanted more and more.

A teeny weeny garden set With a lovely little rose The cutest little teddy bear I must have one of those.

A couple of those Inkums sets A rollagraph or two And then another coloured ink For stampers I must do.

I really love those bears And country ones are nice I see that Penny Black Has some lovely little mice.

I think that I'm addicted now It started just last year I now can't pass a catalogue Without just one more bear.

And then I joined some lists Upon the internet From here I learned of other things That I must really get.

I want to try some brayering And pearl-ex powders too Craft on polymer clay There's lots of things to do.

My husband is somewhat bemused As are my children (three) As I produce yet more things Keen for them to see.

And now I'm signed up for some swaps One's a birthday card The other is a teddy theme Now that can't be too hard

I'd better go and start them now I've six of each to do I want to get them in the post And then start something new......


If crafting is a petty crime I will soon be doing time If crafting is against the law I'll do time forever more

I sit and craft from morn 'til night, my family do despair, but armed with heat gun, ink pads too, I really just don't care

The more I see, the more I want, I cannot see an end, to sticky pads and funky foam, I have to spend, spend, spend

I made a candle, just last week, it turned out quite a mess, I think I'll stick to making cards, coz that's what I do best

(Written by Karla)


Crafts are here, crafts are there. My crafts supplies are everywhere. I really should clean this mess, But I like it, I confess.

Floor is littered, chairs are piled, Kitchens looking pretty wild, On the table, counter too, Seems that any place will do.

Hall is stacked with cartons high, Filled with things folks like to buy. Garage is full, but so far..... There's still room to park the car.

I never have an idle day, New ideas come my way. Don't know yet what I'll create, But my Imag-e-nation's great.

My family smiles, they don't complain, Although at times I am a pain. But when all is said and done,

I really am a crafty one.

This card handcrafted by Mary Lynn.

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Mary Lynn

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