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The Understiller Residence

House Plans from Residential Design, LLC.

This section is an off shoot for this site. Even if you have no interest in building a new home I have found these plans are just fun to browse through. Never before have these home plans been shown or offered over the internet and I have the privilege of presenting them on this site.

I believe in offering only the best of anything possible and the homes shown here have design that is meticulous and well thought out. While there are many home designs online all seem to have the same uninspiring look. They seem to be just cookie cutter style homes.
When given the chance to show these homes I was excited to show something unique. Anyway, like I say just browsing through them is fun. See below for a blog from Dale at Residential Design, LLC.

Mary Lynn

Thanks for visiting this site. You will not find hundreds of plans here. The plans represented are a collection of custom homes that have been designed over the years. I am not a plan factory like so many of the web sites that you visit. Hopefully you will find each home has been carefully planned, and designed to give a custom feeling with great layout and aesthetic appeal. The plans also tend to be very cost effective to construct.All plan names reflect the livable square footage of the home.


To purchase any plan on this site please visit the page for the home you wish to wish to purchase and follow the pay pal information on that page.

Plans that are purchased will include:
1. Floor Plan
2. Foundation Plan (this plan is slab on grade)
3. Exterior Elevations
4. Roof Framing Plan (some structural sizing may
vary depending upon construction loading
requirements in your area)
5. Sections and Details
6. Electrical Plan
7. General Notes
Plumbing and Heating plans are not included because there
are many regional variations.

All plans on this site are by Residential Design, LLC

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