Halloween Poop

This card handcrafted by Mary Lynn.

Halloween will be here before we know it. I’ve had some requests for the Pumpkin Poop sayings.

If you aren’t familiar with it… it’s a cute little poem that you can attach along with your

Halloween cards and something fun (pumpkin seeds, mini marshmallows, candy etc.) in an attached

little baggy. You’ll catch on real “Quick” as you read the poems below!! I have enclosed not

only the Pumpkin poem but some fun new ones I found that I think you will enjoy too.

They are so much fun to make.

You’re imagination can really go crazy on these things. They can also be used at

Christmas and Easter for Reindeer poop and Bunny Poop etc. Isn’t this a great way to class up

a website? Hopefully crafters are known for having a wonderful sense of humor and completely

understand how much fun these things are to make and give!!

They are a blast!!

Have fun. Mary Lynn

This card handcrafted by Lisa.

Pumpkin Poop I started to carve a pumpkin with my carving knife and scoop But the pumpkin got so scared He took a little poop! It looked so cute and funny Just like a candy treat So I'm sharing it with you now Because you are so sweet!

(great with pumpkin seeds)

Ghost Poop I hear that you've been playing tricks, So listen, here's the scoop ... I'm running short on candy treats, So this year you get Ghost Poop!!

(great with little mini marshmallows or white tic-tacs)

Witch Poop Witches are wenches, who fly dusk to dawn ~ But better watch out what they leave on your lawn!

Their brooms fly so fast ~ they dip and they swoop . . . But if they get scared, They leave Witch's Poop

(great with malted milkballs-eww)

Scarecrow Poop Halloween is coming fall is in the air. The scarecrow is shivering so you've got to beware! The birds are flying a big loop-de-loop. Look out! You've stepped in Scarecrow Poop!

(try corn candy poop, can use fall colors, of cut up Reese’s pieces, or M&M’s)

Scarecrow Poop Two Scarecrows can be cute, Scarecrows can be scary, and though they move their feet a lot, they're only sedentary. But if you leave them to their own, and find them in the morn, I'll bet you didn't know- Scarecrows poop candy corn!

(great with candy corn-comes in fall colors)

BAT POOP I hear that you've been playing tricks, So listen, here's the scoop... I'm running short on candy treats, So this year you get Bat Poop!!!

(great with raisins

BAT POOP Two Furry Little bats, They don't like cats. They fly at night, They are a sight. They come and go by the moonlight. So..... Beware of where you step~ BAT POOP!!!

(great with raisins)

This card handcrafted by Mary Lynn.

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