Death of Expression

Death of Expression is another way of identifying sayings that are not often used any longer. I know there are many more and possibly you will contribute your own. Below are a few that come to mind.

Mary Lynn

This card handcrafted by Mary Lynn.

Expressions no longer used such as:

-Get down to brass tacks

-Go to bed with the chickens

-Great Scott

-Take the bitter with the sweet

-Now we’re cooking with gas

-Stew in your own juice

-Happy as a clam

-The Living Daylights

-She’s the fuzz of my peach, the pit of my prune

-That’s using your noggin-

-There’s no flies on her

-Good wine needs no bush

-Slower than molasses in January

-you can stuff your sorries in a sack

-Wet behind the ears

-Slow boat to China

-No spring chicken

-Burning the midnight oil

-Give a dog a bad name

-Blow your own trumpet

-I don't give a fig

-What's the skinny

-Go to hell in a handbasket

-When the chips are down

-Down to a tee

-Wild goose chase

-Icing on the cake

-Good riddance to bad rubbish

-In a jiffy

-With a grain of salt

-With bated breath

-Worth your salt

-Wrong end of the stick

-Wrong way Corrigan

This card handcrafted by Mary Lynn.

If you have your own favorite saying and would like to share it, or possibly a story you would like to add please continue to our contributor page.

Mary Lynn

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