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Why Creative Rubber Stamp Clubs?

Often, when people hear the words "rubber stamp club", they can't figure out what kind of club this would be. Is it a club where people create rubber stamps? Is it a club where people trade rubber stamps? Actually, it is a club where these things happen and more. A rubber stamp club is, obviously, all about rubber stamping, and believe it nor not, there can be quite a bit to this hobby.

Many people know about using rubber stamps for various things such as marking children's school papers, adding cute effects to letters, or stamping dates on things, but these days they can be used for much more. People use rubber stamps for creative crafts, and many times the designs on these rubber stamps can be quite elaborate. When you belong to a rubber stamp club, you have the benefit of being able to share what you know about this hobby with others, and they can share what they know with you. For craft purposes, different types of inks can be used, or hobbyists can use paint on their pads or even markers where they apply to ink directly to the stamp, instead of pressing the stamp on an ink pad. Rubber stamps can have a metal base, or a wood base. Most hobbyists prefer the wood base.

The designs for rubber stamps are endless. Hobbyists can get such designs as those for the different holidays, animal designs, floral designs, etc. Rubber stamps can be personalized, or more serious rubber stamp enthusiasts can even design their own. Many craft stores carry a myriad of rubber stamps and rubber stamp designs, and there are also many Internet websites that specialize in selling rubber stamps and rubber stamp designs. When there is a club, there are sure to be many club members who make their own rubber stamp designs, or at the very least know where to find unique hard-to-find designs for rubber stamps. Also, many rubber stamp club members know how to create elaborate works of art using rubber stamps, and will sell or trade their art with other club members. Using such things as multi-colored stamps, very large stamps or very small stamps, people can really turn rubber stamping into an art form.

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This card handcrafted by Mary Lynn.

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