Candles and Copic markers:

Hello Stampers ! Happy New Year to you all. I hope all your Holidays were amazing.

I spent quite a bit of time before the Holidays trying to clean my Hobby Room and finding all kinds of wonderful things I never get the chance to use. I don’t know about you but I have some adorable Stampin Up sets that get lost in the shuffle.

SO the other day I pulled out that hilarious set with the funny lady and the hilarious sayings. I don’t know why I’ve negelected her. (She’s so funny) Sassy Susy-111510

Here’s what I came up with. I added the cake from a little clear set I had.

outside of card

I love using Copic markers….I’m convinced people are crazy though. I wanted a yellow marker and had a gift certificate at Hobby Lobby (fun fun fun!!!!) I couldn’t find them anywhere so I finally asked and the sales girl told me they had someone who had stolen “ALL” of their Copic markers!!! Can you believe that??? So they had to reorder and hadn’t gotten them put out yet!! That is sooo sad!! What the heck is wrong with people??? No wonder no one trusts anyone anymore!!

inside of card

This card handcrafted by Mary Lynn.

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Mary Lynn

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