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Sound travels slowly. Some things you tell your teenagers don't reach them until they're in their 40's.

Happy 18th! You've looked at the future and dreamed it, it's now time to reach out and capture it

Now that you're old enough to know better, it all becomes illegal

18 is a time of discovery. I hope your journey is an unforgettable adventure

Seniority is a high price to pay for maturity. --Tom Stoppard

At 19, everything is possible and tomorrow looks friendly. --Jim Bishop

May you live to be 100 and may the last voice you hear be mine. --Frank Sinatra

I cried on my 18th birthday. I thought 17 was such a great milestone. You're young enough to get away with things, but you're old enough, too. --Liv Tyler

Be kind to your parents, though they don't deserve it.

Remember they're grown-ups, a difficult stage of life. --Harold Rome

You're Sixteen, you're beautiful, and you're mine. --Richard Sherman

The first sign of maturity is the discovery that the volume knob also turns to the left. --Jerry M. Wright

Getting old is just a state of mind And life can be such fun And you still know how to party As much as anyone.

Sixteen a milestone, your life is just beginning.

As you turn __, our wish for you is all the great things in life has to offer.

At __, set your goals, turn your dreams into reality, you have you whole life ahead of you.

So let's make this a memorable occasion In every single way and I'll be there to help you Ensure it's a wonderful day.

The love of friends and family Will be with you today So enjoy the many wishes Which are bound to come your way.

As you turn __, this A special day.....a day that will bring you all you wish for. Happy Birthday!

You are __ today, hard to believe! May the next 16 years bring you everything you are hoping for.

Celebrate yesterday years, Look forward to tomorrow years, But at __ enjoy this year!

No matter what, remember "the most important things in life, aren't things".

At __ the world is yours to have. You can do, you can be, anything you put your mind to.

“All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much.”

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Sayings and quotes for...20 something

You can do so many more things at 21! Like move out, get a job, support yourself... shall I go on?

Twenty-one, so much fun

Only 364 more days and you'll be considered old

You'll always remember your 21st birthday, so step up to the plate and swing for the fences

21 year olds are dreamers. May all of your wishes come true

When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished by how much he had learned in seven years. --Mark Twain

At 20, everything is possible and tomorrow looks friendly. --Jim Bishop

Finally 21, and legally able to do everything I've been doing since 15

You are only young once, but you can be immature for a lifetime.

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Sayings and quotes for...30 something

Admitting that you're 30 usually comes around when you turn 40

Turning thirty and getting flirty. Enjoy the day like there's no tomorrow

I wish I had a dime for every year you turned 29

I would have placed 30 candles on your cake but I wanted you to see what it looked like

Thirty, wordy and a tad bit dirty

Women deserve to have more than twelve years between twenty eight and forty. --James Thurber

Everything I know I learned after I was thirty. --Georges Clemenceau

Thirty-five is when you finally get your head together and your body starts falling apart. --Caryn Leschen

Time and Tide wait for no man, but time always stands still for a woman of thirty. --Robert Frost

After age 30, a body has a mind of its own. --Bette Midler

When you turn thirty, a whole new thing happens: you see yourself acting like you parents. --Blair Sabol

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Sayings and quotes for...

40 something

Being 40 will remind you of one thing, 21 wasn't all it was cracked up to be

40 is when things begin to fall in place. Unfortunately once they start falling into place they just keep falling

40 is known as the middle of life. Because at 40 it's all about your middle

Hill? What hill? I didn't see any hill. Did you see any hill?

(inside) just remember, once you're over the hill you begin to pick up speed. Charles Schlulz

Life begins at age forty. --W. B. Pitkin

What most persons consider as virtue, after 40 is simply a loss of energy. --Voltaire

Forty isn't old, if you're a tree”

The lovely thing about being forty is that you can appreciate twenty-five-year-old men. --Colleen McCullough

We grow too soon old and too late smart.

The best years of a woman's life - the ten years between 39 and 40.

At 20, we don't care what the world thinks of us; at 30, we worry about what it is thinking of us; at 40, we discover that it wasn't thinking of us at all.

Boys will be boys, and so will a lot of adult men.

Over 40 and still cookin'!

Young at heart, slightly older in other places!

Don't think of yourself as getting older . . . You are, of course, but it's best not to think of it! Happy Birthday!

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Sayings and quotes for...50 something

The great thing about 50 is that 40 no longer seems old

Forty is the milestone of youth, fifty is the youth of a milestone.

The years between fifty and seventy are the hardest. You are always being asked to do things, and yet you are not decrepit enough to turn them down. --T.S. Eliot

Looking fifty is great--if you're sixty. --Joan Rivers

The man who views the world at fifty the same as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life. --Muhammad Ali

You take all of the experience and judgment of men over 50 out of the world and there wouldn't be enough left to run it. --Henry Ford

I refuse to admit that I am more than 52, even if that makes my children illegitimate. Lady Nancy Astor

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Sayings and quotes for...60 something

Some people reach age sixty before others. --Lord Hood

I'm sixty. That's 16 Celsius. --George Carlin

Adulthood is like everything else. To make a success of it, you've got to start young. --Fred Astaire

I still have a full deck; I just shuffle slower now.

My candle burns at both ends;It will not last the night; But, ah, my foes, and, oh, my friends-It gives a lovely light! --Edna St. Vincent Millay

Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been. --Mark Twain

One starts to get young at age sixty and then it is too late. Pablo Picasso

A man of sixty has spent twenty years in bed and over three years eating. -- Arnold Bennett

I'm just a 16 year old girl, locked in an old ladies body!

You know you're 60 when your children begin to look mature .

You're getting old when you get the same sensation from a rocking chair that you once got from a roller coaster.

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Sayings and quotes for...70 and more

To be seventy years young is sometimes far more cheerful and hopeful than to be forty years old. --Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Life would be infinitely happier if we could only be born at age eighty and gradually approach eighteen --Mark Twain

You know you are getting old when everything hurts, and what doesn't hurt, doesn't work!

The advantage of being eighty years old is that one has many people to love. --Jean Renoir

Once I was looking through the kitchen window at dusk and I saw an old woman looking in. Suddenly the light changed and I realized that the old woman was myself. You see, it all happens on the outside; inside one doesn't change. --Molly Keane

The first hundred years are the hardest. --Wilson Mizner

You know you are getting old when your little black book contains only names ending in M.D.

You know your old when your youngest starts collecting Social Security.

This card handcrafted by Mary Lynn.

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