Stamp Camp 2010

This card handcrafted by Lisa.

Hi Everyone,

WOW, 2010 Stamp Camp, What a weekend ! I mentioned you'd be hearing the adventures of my Pot Luck group and here is the first edition.

Last weekend, Oct 8 thru 11, was our annual "Stamp Camp". Once a year we head up to northern Arizona to a cabin and spend the weekend together stamping for several days. What a blast!

Barbara is so amazing and gets all the groceries for a fraction of the cost. Not only that but then she cooks it all for us. If she were in congress the budget would be cut and all the problems solved.

The next few days were bliss...a stampers heaven. We made projects, laughed, and ate from Thursday to Monday. At night we played games and laughed some more. What more could a girl want?

Saturday night we hit town wearing our bright pink bedazzled "Stamp Camp" shirts and no one could figure out what a stamp camp is. It is a hoot! Last year a lady gave her grandson a dollar just to come over and ask us what stamp camp was. That was so funny! This year, I think, they thought we had something to do with breast cancer (and that's fine). Here are some of the projects we made (we always do a book to put pictures in).

Mary Lynn

Look at this fun project!!! When the girls and I went to Stamp camp 2010 Nancy and Lisa came up with this fun project for us to do and we all loved it. It’s a cookie sheet memo board.

We covered it with awesome paper, each one of us already had a theme going to match our hobby room.

The cookie sheet of course makes it magnetic. The magnets we made to go on it are just the absolute coolest bling EVER!!!

They were really fun to make. It just so happened one of the girls (Elli) had a huge box of buttons. She let us go through and choose whatever we wanted. It was like a treasure trove.

We had so much fun going through it. You should have seen all the cool stuff she had. It was so sweet of her to share it with us. We were like little kids going through a toy box.

Be sure to use pretty heavy duty magnets on the back of your buttons etc. to make them sturdy.

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