Welcome to ideas distinctively chosen for Cardmaking.

Welcome to my website. My name is Mary Lynn and it is so exciting that you're here to check out all the fun sayings, quotes, and everything else at this site. I've been collecting sayings for years.

Physically my body is 60 something years old but mentally I will always be a kid at heart. Crafting has always been a huge part of my life and for the past 15 years it's been focused on Rubber Stamping and Scrapbooking.

In cardmaking you are always looking for sayings and that is why my collection has grown so huge throughout the years. They are stashed in notebooks all over the house and on little papers so it was time to put them all in one place and all in categories.

Since I was going to go to all that work, I thought why not let my friends enjoy them too. Reading them is kind of like standing in a card shop laughing and giggling together. That's always so much fun!

As you keep tuning into this site you will probably hear me mention my stamping group. We meet once a month to stamp together. We stamp, laugh, talk, laugh some more and eat. Somehow it got the name "Pot Luck" when it started out and so the name just stuck (We really need a cuter name because it is such a fun group). You'll hear about our silly adventures along the way. It is a group of twelve, ranging from 74 to 13 years of age. We have a ball together.

Stay tuned and Thanks for stopping by. Please stop often. You're always welcome. Check out our Latest Report for updates and new cards weekly.

Mary Lynn

Wedding Card Phrases
Wedding card phrases that are beautiful and sincere.
Wedding Place Card Sayings
Sayings and Phrases for wedding place cards...
Wedding Vow
Wedding vow and phrases that are beautiful and sincere
Wedding Wishes and Adorations
Wedding Wishes, Adorations, and Congratulations sayings and prases...
Anniversary Sayings
Wedding anniversary cards and sayings, sweet love quotes, love sayings...
New Infant Sayings
Infant baby and adoption sayings...... Children are one third of our population and all of our future.
Birthday Sayings and Quotes
Birthday Sayings and quotes especially for <b>Card Making & Scrapbooking</b> ideas.
Birthday Greetings
Birthday Greetings wishing you miles of smiles in the coming years...
Over the Hill sayings
Over the Hill? You know you are getting old when everything hurts, and what doesn't hurt, doesn't work!
Birthday "Older but Wiser"
Happy Birthday!, you may be older but much wiser...
Cute Weight Loss and Dieting quips for Cards
Cute Weight Loss and Dieting sayings for Cards...If you wish to grow thinner, diminish your dinner
Disney quotes
All time <b>Best</b> Disney quotes for cards.
Famous Quotes
Famous quotes that are timeless, wise, funny, and just plain stupid
Fitness and Diet Sayings
Got Fitness? Mood swings are the only exercise I get.
For your Son.
Nobody knows what your son is worth, and the world must wait and see, for every man in an honored place, is a boy that used to be.
Forever Family
Forever family is but an earlier heaven...
Friendship Quotes
Special Friendship quotes and sayings for Cards.
Political Sayings
True but comical political sayings.
Humorous Quotes
Humorous sayings that are especially designed with <b>Card Making</b> in mind.
Get_Well Sayings
Heart felt & Humorous sayings for Get_Well cards.
Girly Sayings
Being girly is so glam, I sweat glitter. Those innocent eyes, the kissable lipsa great smile, smooth talk, abolutely gorgeous...thats enough about me...how bout you?
Great Life Quotes
Great sayings about Life, for cards
Inspirational Sayings
Inspirational Sayings for cards. Always be sincere, whether you mean it or not.
Mall Air
Oh, Mall Air...Do you like to shop? Here are some great sayings!
Masculine Sayings
masculine sayings for the <b>man</b> in your life.
Motivation poems
Motivation poems for scrapbooking, cards and inspiration
Sayings of Motivation
sayings of the future belongs to those people who believe in the power of
Patriotic Sayings
patriotic hearts beat red, white, and blue...
Great Pet Sayings
Pet Sayings? What they talk???
Philosophical Quotes
Philosophical quotes and sayings are excellent advice, some are a bit stuffy, some are pure fun...
Retirement Sayings
Retirement...waking up in the morning with nothing to do and by bedtime having done only half of it.
Affectionate Love Sayings
Affectionate sayings and love quotes for cardmaking ideas.
Happy Smiley sayings
happy sayings for cards about a smile...
Sports Sayings
Sports sayings and quotes for golfers, baseball, football, basketball, cheerleading...
States Motto's
Each of the individual states specific saying for cards...
Sweet Sayings
Sweet and Romantic sayings to use with sweet cards. Ice cream, cupcakes et.
Saying of Sympathy
Sympathy...Memories...keep the one you loved close to you in spirit and thought...
Education and Teacher Sayings
Education and Teacher quotes are the rainbow between hope and achievement.
Thank_You Card Sayings
Thank_you sayings for cards, with heartfelt thanks...
Thinking_of_you Sayings
thinking_of_you...I thought of you with love today but that is nothing new...
Abraham Lincoln Quotes
Abraham Lincoln I am a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn't have the heart to let him down...
Albert Einstein Quotes
Of all the Albert Einstein great quotes only a few relate to cards. Here are the Ten best.
Mark Twain Quotes
The best 25 Mark Twain quotes for cards.
Will Quotes
Will Rogers finest quotes for cards.
Holiday Sayings and Quotes
Sayings for all your holiday cards, Mothers and Fathers day, Easter, Christmas,
Yuletide Christmas Wishes
Yuletide wishes and sayings for Christmas cards...
Easter card sayings...
Fathers Day Sayings
Fathers Day Sayings for Cards. This is the place for just the right words.
Halloween_ sayings for cards
Spooky sayings for your Halloween_ cards...
Independence_Day sayings for independence day
Mothers Day sayings for Cards
Loving Mothers Day sayings especially for Cardmaking...
Great Sayings for Cards about the NewYear
Saint Patricks Day
The very best Saint Patricks Day and great Irish sayings for Cards.
Special Thanksgiving sayings for cards...
Valentine sayings and quotes for holiday cards...
Residential Design, LLC, home plan design
residential plans represented are a collection of homes that have been designed over the years with...
A 5251 s.f. home plan by Residential Design, LLC
In this 5251 s.f. home the rounded roof lines are the focus when driving...
A 5557 s.f. home plan by Residential Design, LLC
The Labrio 5557 has a covered 22'x36' Porticochere carport that leads to the oversize 4 car Garage. Then...
A 5633 s.f. home plan by Residential Design, LLC
This 5633 square foot home is built with 2x6 frame construction and is 126' wide x 107' deep...
A 6025 s.f. home plan by Residential Design, LLC
This 6025 square foot home is 100' wide but for a home of this size the design is for a relatively narrow lot. The motorcourt walls give the entry of this home...
A 6128 s.f. home plan by Residential Design, LLC
In this 6128 s.f. home there are french doors from six rooms entering into the center Courtyard. In the
A 6237 s.f. home plan by Residential Design, LLC
Leading into the Ghin 6237 is a rounded 15'x 18'x18' high Entry greeting you when entering this home. Walking thru the 4'x10' arched entry...
A 6277 s.f. home plan by Residential Design, LLC
The Walkman 6277 entry breathes elegance. Walking up to the front door thru the arch openings the Entry...
House Plan, 6788 square feet by Residential Design, LLC
This unique custom home is 6788 square feet and is 148'x 93' wide. Walking through the courtyard you enter through a double arched door into the...
A 3191 s.f. home plan by Residential Design, LLC
The Wilaby 3191 courtyard leads up to the rounded entry and oversized front door. Entering into the...
A 3366 s.f. home plan by Residential Design, LLC
This 3366 square foot Santa Fe style home is built with 2x6 frame walls as shown on the plans, however...
A 3857 s.f. home plan by Residential Design, LLC
This 3857 square foot home is built with 2x6 frame walls.
A 4024 s.f. home plan by Residential Design, LLC
This custom home is 4024 s.f. and has 5 bedrms and 4 1/2 baths...When walking thru the Courtyard...
A 4277 s.f. home plan by Residential Design, LLC
This 4277 square foot home has a very grand entrance when driving into the 24'x26' Porticochere...
A 4496 s.f. home plan by Residential Design, LLC
The Palen 4496 home is designed to enjoy views out the front of the home as well as to the rear...
4522 s.f. home by Residential Design, LLC
This home lays out to have 4522 square feet of livable space and the total area under roof is 7851 square feet.
House Plan, 4906 square feet by Residential Design, LLC
This home has 4906 square feet including the Guest house. There is 3247 square feet in the main Living area (1st floor) and 1303 square feet in the Basement...
A 1474 s.f. home plan by Residential Design, LLC
This 1474 square foot home is smaller home than most we have on this site but still has many
A 1548 s.f. home plan by Residential Design, LLC
This 1548 s.f. home is a smaller home but very livable. It has been set up for views torward the front of the...
A 1683 s.f. home plan by Residential Design, LLC
In the Bruder 1683 the 16'x21' Great Room has a 9' ceiling and is combined in one large area with the 12'x11' Dining Room and Kitchen...
A 2507 s.f. home plan by Residential Design, LLC
The main rooms of this 2507 square foot home all have 12' ceiling heights with plant shelves located...
House Plan, 2593 square feet by Residential Design, LLC
The 2593 plan represented is a custom homes that has been designed by Residential Design, LLC. You will...
A 1001 s.f. home plan by Residential Design, LLC
Entering into Atwood 1001 cottage the suprisingly large Family Room the ceiling is vaulted and the room leads to the Arizona Room and...
A 4036 s.f. 2 story home plan by Residential Design, LLC
This home is built with 2x6 frame walls and has 4036 square feet of total livable space it has...
A 5284 s.f. home plan by Residential Design, LLC
The total square footage of this home is 5284 square feet. The first floor...
A 5433 s.f. home plan by Residential Design, LLC
Entering 5433 s.f. home is the large Foyer with a curved open staircase up to the second floor. Thru the open staircase is...
Dress Form
Speaking of Old Fashion dress form card ….I must have been in that mood because here’s another Old fashion card. I picked up the most darling
Career Interview Follow up Letter
A career interview thankyou note is an effective way to remind the
Stamp Convention
Every time I go to a stamp convention I not only have a ball, I come home with so much enthusiasm and I can’t wait to play with my new toys.
Easter_2012 Greetings
Make this greeting card for Easter_2012 greetings
Halloween Poop
Halloween will be here before we know it. I’ve had some requests for the Pumpkin Poop sayings.
Cole's Kittys
Cole is almost twelve and he had so much fun making this card showing his kittys with Dad.
Best Dad Ever
For the best <b>Dad</b>...a special gretting is in order.
More Goodies
Recently I had a chance to play with my Tim Holtz goodies and here are some of the cards I made.
Easter Bunny Train
An Easter Bunny Train just in time for Easter and the beginning of spring...
Three_D Cupcake birthday card with cherries glued...
St. Patrick's Day Irish Card
An irish card. It’s almost time for St Patrick’s Day and...
Chocolate Wine
We had recently tried some fun stuff called chocolate wine
Heart Card
precious little red embossed heart is one of a set of four...
Candles and Copic markers….I’m convinced people are crazy though.
Welcome Home
Home and Housewarming cards... Here are a couple house warming or moving type cards.
Cupcake Birthday Card
Cupcake Birthday card...a fun little card that is quick to make.
Giving Thanks 2010
Thanks for all the many blessings we have at this time of year.
50th Anniversary Card
50th Anniversary card...The card is a 5X5 purplish color cardstock as a base with a pretty rose print paper cut ¼ inch smaller all the way around.
60th Birthday
60th Birthday card...a little old man who didn’t know how to dress himself.
Window Card
For the window card I am so excited. I have stumbled across some new things and I wanted to share a stamp company I have fallen in love with.
Two of a Kind
Two...A baby card for twins and how it is made.
Stamp Camp 2010
WOW, 2010 Stamp Camp, What a weekend ! I mentioned you'd be hearing the adventures
Altoid tins
Make a card from Altoid tins
demonstrator...If you don’t presently have a demonstrator of your own I highly recommend
Creative Rubber Stamp Clubs
Belonging to a creative rubber stamp club, you have the benefit of being able to share what you know
Card Making Ideas
Ideas for Cardmaking-Rubber Stamp Techniques ...
Tips & Hints
tips and hints about die-cut machines and ...
Beginner Stamping
beginner stamping and cardmaking help
Handmade Cards
That's right I love receiving greeting cards! It doesn't matter what time of year, whether it's a holiday, my birthday, or just because, I like receiving handmade cards.
Personalize Greeting Cards
personalize you cards...why not take the time and create something unique and different from the everyday greeting cards?
Stamping Verses
Cute stamping verses
Bear Pattern
Bear pattern showing exact sizes for all the cuts and..
Penquin Pattern
Penquin pattern showing exact sizes for all the cuts and..
Snowman Pattern
Snowman pattern showing exact sizes for all the cuts and..
Teri's Treasures... Stampin' up retired stamps
Teri's Treasures... retired Stampin' Up stamps. I have been a stampin' up demonstrator for 8 years in Gilbert, Arizona and have numerous stamps available through this site.
Teri's Treasures Too... A thru F
Teri's Treasures Too... B thru F...The stamps here have been retired from one year to eight years and are a collection of
Teri's Treasures Three... G thru L
Teri's Treasures Three...retired stamps G thru L...The stamps here have been retired from one year to eight years and are a collection of some of the best I have seen.
Teri's Treasures Four... M thru Q
Teri's Treasures Four...retired stamps M thru Q...The stamps here have been retired from one year
Teri's Treasures Five... R thru S
Teri's Treasures Five...retired stamps R thru S...The stamps here have been retired from one year
Teri's Treasures Six...the letter T
Teri's Treasures Six...retired stamps, the letter T...The stamps here have been retired from one year
Teri's Treasures Seven... U, V, W
Teri's Treasures Seven...retired stamps, U,V,W ...The stamps here have been retired from one year to eight years and are a collection of some of the best I have seen.
WD Uses
WD 40 has more uses than duct tape. Do you know all the uses...
Amusing sayings and quotes.
amusing, funny sayings, funny quotes,motivational quotes, birthday quotes
Death of Expression
Death of expressions that are not longer used and expressions of question..
thesaurus to find synonyms, antonyms, and spelling for sayings for cards...
Privacy Policy
sfc's privacy policy
About Us
bio about us
Birthday_Cards and Sayings
Birthday_Cards and sayings for family and friends...
Wedding Invitation Phrases
wedding invitation phrases that are perfect.